International Nursery School

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Our Mission

The International Nursery School is a non-profit, multi-ethnic, non-sectarian nursery school servicing approximately 60 children.

Dedicated to the healthy development of children, the International Nursery School epitomizes cooperation between home and school and between people of many ethnicities and cultures.

We strive to form attitudes of acceptance, which will build better communities in a better world.

Our History

The International Nursery School was founded in 1948 by a group of United Nations families who wished to provide their children with an enriching preschool experience and an environment where they could develop an understanding and appreciation of their differences and similarities. Initially, most of INS' enrollment came from Parkway Village, which was set up to house United Nations' personnel. Over the years, the school has grown and expanded. It now draws children from a much wider community, representing a vast range of cultural backgrounds and nationalities. Our population is very international and represents all races, religions, and ethnic groups.

Our Organization

INS is a non-profit corporation working as a cooperative.  This means that each year parent volunteers become members of the Board of Directors of the corporation.  Monthly open Board meetings are held to discuss current and future issues at hand.  The school's program and philosophy are the responsibilities of the Educational Director.  The UPK parent curriculum team selects and reviews learning goals for the UPK program. The school is licensed with the Education Department of the State of New York and the Bureau of Daycare. INS contracts with the Department of Education to provide Universal Pre-K to four-year-old children in the community.


Our faculty is also multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. All group teachers hold New York State certification and meet the highest standards of academic preparation.  We have an excellent and very stable staff and an enthusiastic, dedicated group of parents and alumni.  INS has close ties with the United Nations International School and since there is no pre-school program there, we feed directly into that institution. It is the school's philosophy to use the rich and varied backgrounds of our parents and staff to enrich the experience and understanding of the children and to foster self-pride in their own individual identities. Parents are invited regularly to our classrooms and our staff meetings to share their cultural heritage.


In this atmosphere, our school allows children of diverse cultures to learn mutual trust, respect, and friendship. These relationships serve as models for children and parents alike. This, the INS makes an important contribution to peace and understanding in the larger community.

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