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Tuition & Schedules

3-Yr Old Program


    Days                         Time                             Tuition

    Days                         Time                                    Tuition

    Mon-Fri                   9:00am-3:00pm            $715/month

    5 Days a Week         9:00am-3:20pm                    Free!

    Mon,Wed,Fri           9:00am-3:00pm            $429/month

*Extended hours available upon request!

    Tue & Thurs            9:00am-3:00pm            $286/month

    Mon-Fri                   9:00am-11:30pm          $367/month

    Please call us at 718.353.0932 for more information

    Mon,Wed,Fri           9:00am-11:30pm          $220/month

    Feel free to drop in (call first, if you can).

    Tue & Thurs            9:00am-11:30pm          $147/month

    Mon-Fri                   12:30am-3:00pm          $367/month

    Mon,Wed,Fri           12:30am-3:00pm          $220/month

    Tue & Thurs            12:30am-3:00pm          $147/month

    $100 non-refundable registration fee upon enrollment

*Extended hours available upon request!

If you have any questions, please visit us here in the school office or call us at 718.353.0932. If we don't answer, please leave a message and we will call you back.

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